What Does “Collectively Conscious” Mean?

168800_10150966163358718_1079399999_nQuestion: What does “Collectively Conscious” mean?

Answer: Well it does not mean that we simply collect and display what we (the admins) think is conscious media. Nor does it mean that we (the admins) are “collectively conscious” of everything there is to be conscious of. Rather, it means that we (the community as a whole, including YOU) can collectively determine what is “conscious”, or truthful and accurate, in regards to several different categories of information. By working together and sharing our own knowledge and experience, as well as our logic and reasoning, even our instinctive “gut” reactions to what is being presented, we slowly uncover what is true and what is not. Or at least, especially in regards to the unknown, what is believed to be true or false by the majority of those who participate. They say that two minds are better than one. Well, how about 10,000 minds? Or a million minds? The internet IS the technological manifestation of the collective mind of humanity. Though presently very messy, and in many corners very dark, we believe it has the potential to unite the knowledge, the wisdom and the intelligence of all men, women and children who inhabit the Earth. If we are to awaken, it will only be as one, when in cooperation with one another. For together we become ॐ Collectively Conscious ॐ.