Rainn Wilson On The Coming “Spiritual Revolution” (VIDEO)


Rainn Wilson talks about the coming spiritual revolution that must happen in order for us to move forward as a human race.

  • boston bb

    Really? Really? I just wasted a couple minutes of my life watching something I could’ve brought out the concept of and point to where he was aluding to. Why didn’t he just get a set and say it like he wanted to? Like it is. Like it’s a reality already set in motion…

  • Margaret Sanford

    If old-fashioned books can be attractive, there are a couple to suggest. 1. A Pulitzer-Prize novel by E.O. Wilson, called “Anthill”. If you have persistence to slog through scientific writing, the last chapters are hilarious.

    2. Anthropologists, W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear, have started a series called “Contact:The Battle for America” – the first book based on historical facts is “Coming of the Storm”. Not much hilarity in the first book although a lot of analysis of how social mores began to disintegrate. Fans of blood and heart-stopping adventure will enjoy this.