Mind Control – Television, Sports, News Media Are Used To Manipulate & Control You! (VIDEO)


How television, sports and news media are used to manipulate and control you. Speaking are Alan Watts, G. Edward Griffin & Alex Jones.

I’ve got people asking me if I watch TV. Yes I do. But, I understand what TV’s function is in this society. I took two (2) Television Production courses. The latest I took was at Time Warner for QPTV Public Access Producers training back in 1995. I have a full understanding of how to produce and direct and broadcast a TV show. I also understand how to play tricks with your brain, how to subliminally seduce using a TV production. Now as far as sports is concerned, I love sports. I played high school basketball, college basketball, some summer league semi pro basketball back in the day, but I was primarily a street basketball player. I still watch Basketball, Football, NASCAR, Boxing, Olympics, etc on TV to this day even though I know some of the games are rigged. But again I understand the history of pro sports as Alan Watt explained in this video. As for the news, I watch it some times. Do I believe what I hear and see on the news? Some of it is true, some of it is total bull shit. It is all designed to control what information you are getting. Peace to all.