TED Talks: Nigel Cameron – A World Without Work

TED Talks

Instagram has a handful of employees. Kodak had 145,000. Technology is fast displacing humans, and we must reckon with the possibility that many jobs will be lost – and many new ones created also done by machines. How far will this go? Will a world without work be heaven – or hell? Now is the time to think it through.

Nigel Cameron is a strategist and writer who leads theWashington think tank – Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies(c-pet.org), -. He is also director of business advisory network Platform of the Future and Re-framing, LLC (re-framing.org). He writes about technology in relation to politics, business and human values – including corporate social responsibility and applications, social media and the Internet of Things IT. He also serves on the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO, and chairs its Committee on Social and Human Sciences, and represented the United States in diplomatic delegations to successive meetings of the General Conference of UNESCO.