TED Talks: Bojan Mandaric & Brogan Graham – How To Start A Movement

TED Talks

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Bojan and Brogan have figured out the way to motivate people of all ages and athletic backgrounds to wake up early, train their butts off, and meet new friends, all for a very affordable price of a hug or a high-five. This talk will give you an insight into the fastest growing fitness phenomenon and how it’s changing the notion that staying in shape should cost money.

Bojan (pronounced Boyan) Mandaric, born and raised in Serbia, made his way across the pond in 2002 after being recruited to row for Northeastern University Men’s Crew Team. After winning accolades at the national and international level, Bojan decided to turn his interests to running and cycling. Living in Allston, MA with his wife and a 100lb German Shepard, he promotes FREE fitness and off-line human interactions across North America and soon the world. His shaved head and Eastern European look can sometimes project a scary or arrogant personality, but that misconception is gone when he delivers a massive bear hug.

Brogan Graham, brought up by hippy parents and raised FREE-range in Madison, Wisconsin. This basket-balling trash-talker jumped into D1 boat racing with Bojan at Northeastern University and BOOOOOOM! he became a racing athlete and city-boy all in the same oneway ticket to Boston, Massachusetts. A world traveler and a promoter of friendly vibes, “BG” is known to be the louder of the two leaders of the November Project. You can plan on seeing this community driven personality building new tribes and new athletes while inspiring racers who are looking for something new. Prepare to hear the F-word a few times and know that this man is a hugger, not a shaker.