Recommended Alternative News Sources


Here is a list of all the alternative, independent news sources that we recommend, sorted into various categories. Are there any others you think should be added to this list? If so, please post links to them in the comments below.

NOTE: These lists are ordered by transformative potential and relevance to the progressive community.

NOTE: These lists are constantly being updated, upgraded and reorganized as we discover new sources.

Higher Consciousness:

  1. The Mind Unleashed (on Facebook)
  2. Collective Evolution (on Facebook)
  3. Spirit Science (on Facebook)
  4. Waking Times (on Facebook)
  5. Expanded Consciousness (on Facebook)
  6. Conscious Life News (on Facebook)
  7. Reality Sandwich (on Facebook)
  8. Earth We Are One (on Facebook)
  9. Educate Inspire Change (on Facebook)
  10. Live Learn Evolve (on Facebook)
  11. Creator Course (on Facebook)
  12. High Existence (on Facebook)
  13. Truth Theory (on Facebook)
  14. The Idealist (on Facebook)
  15. Bored Panda (on Facebook)
  16. Marc and Angel Hack Life (on Facebook)
  17. The Open Mind (on Facebook)
  18. Learning Mind (on Facebook)
  19. Purpose Fairy (on Facebook)
  20. Minds (on Facebook)
  21. Soul Spot TV (on Facebook)
  22. Earth Porm (on Facebook)
  23. Power of Positivity (on Facebook)


  1. True Activist (on Facebook)
  2. The Anti-Media (on Facebook)
  3. The Free Thought Project (on Facebook)
  4. Films For Action (on Facebook)
  5. Activist Post (on Facebook)
  6. Occupy Wall St. (on Facebook)
  7. US Uncut (Facebook only)
  8. Upworthy (on Facebook)
  9. Truth in Media (on Facebook)
  10. We Are Change (on Facebook)
  11. Sustainable Human (on Facebook)
  12. Counter Current News (on Facebook)
  13. March Against Monsanto (on Facebook)
  14. The Top Information Post (on Facebook)
  15. The Zeitgeist Movement (on Facebook)
  16. The Valhalla Movement (on Facebook)
  17. Truthstream Media (on Facebook)
  18. Popular Resistance (website only)
  19. Blacklisted News (on Facebook)
  20. Revolution News (on Facebook)
  21. Pontiac Tribune (on Facebook)
  22. Intellihub (on Facebook)
  23. TreeHugger (on Facebook)
  24. Infowars (on Facebook)
  25. (on Facebook)

Politics & Economics:

  1. Alternet (on Facebook)
  2. Common Dreams (on Facebook)
  3. Democracy Now (on Facebook)
  4. Truth Out (on Facebook)
  5. Raw Story (on Facebook)
  6. The Economic Collapse Blog (website only)
  7. Global Research (on Facebook)
  8. Truthdig (on Facebook)
  9. The Guardian (on Facebook)
  10. Huffington Post (on Facebook)
  11. The Real News Network (on Facebook)
  12. Washington’s Blog (website only)
  13. Think Progress (on Facebook)
  14. Mother Jones (on Facebook)
  15. Zero Hedge (website only)
  16. Medium (on Facebook)
  17. Politico (on Facebook)
  18. Salon (on Facebook)
  19. Vox (on Facebook)
  20. Mic (on Facebook)

Health & Nutrition:

  1. Natural Society (on Facebook)
  2. Natural News (on Facebook)
  3. Dr. Mercola (on Facebook)
  4. Psychology Today (on Facebook)
  5. Organic Consumers Association (on Facebook)
  6. Prevent Disease (on Facebook)
  7. Real Farmacy (on Facebook)
  8. Life Advancer (on Facebook)

Science & Tech:

  1. Io9 (on Facebook)
  2. Singularity Hub (on Facebook)
  3. I Fucking Love Science (on Facebook)
  4. Science Daily (on Facebook)
  5. Popular Science (on Facebook)
  6. Live Science (on Facebook)
  7. Inhabitat (on Facebook)
  8. TechCrunch (on Facebook)
  9. EnGadget (on Facebook)

Recommended Youtube Channels:

  1. The Young Turks (on Facebook)
  2. Secular Talk (on Facebook)
  3. Storm Clouds Gathering (on Facebook)
  4. AMTV (on Facebook)
  5. Russell Brand (on Facebook)
  6. We Are Change (on Facebook)
  7. Alltime Conspiracies (on Facebook)
  8. Ben Swann (on Facebook)
  9. Big Think (on Facebook)
  10. Corbett Report (on Facebook)
  11. Jesse Ventura (on Facebook)
  12. Last Week Tonight (on Facebook)
  13. Omega Point (on Facebook)
  14. Revolution Love Evolve (on Google+)
  15. Shots of Awe (on Facebook)
  16. Stefan Molyneux (on Facebook)
  17. Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know (on Facebook)
  18. The Journey of Purpose (on Facebook)
  19. The Juice Media (on Facebook)
  20. Thom Hartmann (on Facebook)
  21. Tragedy & Hope (on Facebook)
  22. Brave New Films (on Facebook)
  23. Press For Truth (on Facebook)