The Lost Children Of Babylon ~ The Venus Project

Music for the Evolution of Consciousness

We are the sunshine, we are the light, elevate your mind
We are the sunshine, we are the light, it’s our time to rise
We are the sunshine, we are the light, elevate your mind
In La’kesh Ala kin, We begin, We begin to Rise

[Rasul Allah]
Yo, just think for a second, can we predict a better future?
A redesign of our culture, the vision of global expansion
Of consciousness based upon the symbiotic relationships of nature
And the caring capacity of the Earth like a dream of a highly advanced civilization ?
Intelligent management of the earth, resources become the common heritage for humanity
Behold the new world where the laws of man and religion will be erased
In the place with a resource-based economy
Through renewable, sustainable, geothermal energy
Solar and wind energy harnessed by the power of the sun
Generates electricity that brings stability to the earth
Environmentally the adversity of scarcity
Will be abolished socially when we realize that we are all one species
Under the sun instead of weapons of mass destruction
We unleash weapons of mass creation
You must elevate your mind to a higher state of spiritual awareness
And be aware of the emergent and symbiotic aspects of natural law
And know that standard change is consistent within all of nature caused by the forces of nature

[Cosmic Crusader]
Intergalactic federation tactic is proliferation
Of human preservation, architectural elevation
We stand in veneration of the goddess, Venus crossing
As we plot this air voyage
Elite fleet launch with clairvoyance
Inspired by ancient artifacts
Practice the latent art of acts oblivious to how bleak the future seems
The Youth stay geeked, glued to computer screens with futile dreams
This is group think versus global brain
Devine intelligence irrelevance and social strain
The difference between generosity and charity
In a world where clarity’s a rarity they stare at me
Atop the pyramide (pi-rah-mi-day) arms out shouting namaste
With a soul that’s lighter than the feather of Ma’at
Rest of the world screaming, “Look what I got.”
Theory is be free, leading exponent is me
All is one, one is all, do as thou wilt
Shall be the whole of the law
Innocence predates the guilt created by the great fall
So which do you choose? Pure life or more strife?
The core is sacrifice but you’re the one that pays the price
Forget what they soothesay
The prophesy of doomsday was more like April Fools Day
Not the end of the world but the end of the age
Beware the wrath of the sage and do the math on the page

[Atun Sen Geb]
Open the gates, welcome to the purest states
With limitless base elevates to a plentiful place
That’s resource-based, you can’t even catch a case
For all basic necessities supplied by earth’s abundance
Intelligent management of her resources
Of advanced human civilization, entire population receives
Universal healthcare, I know it was unfair
I know it was a monetary system you couldn’t bear
And they ? your organs and stressed you out
You lost your hair but have no fear
Gone are the days of the tyrants ruling
Square shorten your workday, increase the vacation time
To utilize the mind’s full potential
Vehicles hydro with the sonar magnets to eliminate accidents
So we need no petrol, Alstate, Nationwide or Geico
Just ask Jacques Fresco about the technological take-over, a cyber lady
Society solely meant to improve all living qualities eliminating all superficial boundaries
Set up our nations to perpetuate oppression
A blessing will it be when the meek inherit the planet with no deprivation
Don’t worry there’s no application fee
Just grab you a copy of the best that money can’t buy
This is your future by design

Free me
Free me
I’ve forgotten how to fly
Living in the prison of my mind
How am I supposed to reach heaven in the sky
With the door to this cage locked tight