The Garden ~ The Permaculture Song

Music for the Evolution of Consciousness

Permaculture design
Just finished up a course
Wanna take it home
Take the world on a tour de force
Of fruits and trees
Flowers and bees
Sprouts and seeds
Enough for you and me
First come the earth
Ya you got to take care of it
Then come the people
Then each’s fair share of it
Design for the earth
And you design for yourself
Help design a world
Better for you and everybody else
ya Principle one
Observe and interact
Or you won’t get far
Man that is just a fact
Principle two
Capture and store energy
Put the water in the ground
Instead of washing out to sea
Principle three
Is often so so tasty
It’s obtain a yield
No matter what you’re growin’
Gotta eat to work to live
To make it worth all the hoin’
Principle four
Keeps ya on track
Self regulate and
Accept feedback
By that I mean
You gotta know things change
Don’t be afraid
To learn from nature’s ways
Principle five
It’s better to renewable
Hydroelectric solar power
It’s super doable
Don’t need a tractor
If you got a horse
If you got two hands
You don’t need brute force
Principle six
Waste is an illusion
Nature recycles all
While we waste time in confusion
Principle seven
Design from patterns to details
Nature’s got the answers
From the spirals to the sweet swales
Principle eight
Integrate integrate
Each element multifunctional
Each function supported just in case
Principle nine
Keep it small take it slow
Get the most for the least
You gotta go with the flow
Principle ten
You gotta have diversity
One basket’s to small
For all the eggs you’re gonna need
Principle eleven’s
All about the edges
Value the marginal
Less row more hedges
Principle twelve
Get creative with change
Each an opportunity
To grow and rearrange
[Chorus x 2]
Phew! And that’s all she wrote!