SOJA ~ Lucid Dreams

Music for the Evolution of Consciousness

Every time I close my eyes
I find myself in the corners of my mind
And I’m in there, here somewhere
Under the covers I can feel it it’s pulling me
No one can know where my mind goes
My dreams more real than my reality
And a memory inside of me will it be with me forever until infinity

Waiting for my conscious calling
Listening to hear me talking
Slowing down the rate of motion
Focusing inside a notion
Catching myself falling over
Looking back and seeing no one
Walking through this Lucid Dream again

I never thought it would come to this
How did I get here
What did I miss
I have been trying to find righteous ment road
I wanna remember the womb of my mother wanna understand all the love of my father
I’m so close I can feel it in my bones my bones


Now every day is only
counting the seconds and minutes that separate me
from who I am really am
in this body temporarily on my journey
Going going gone and I can feel it like a wrecking ball crashing through me
And I don’t make one sound
When I can hear it
As the memories prove I’ve been here