Lady Paradox ~ Perspectives

Music for the Evolution of Consciousness

(Verse 1)
Let’s take it three years back, or something near that. Steel city, mango blunts just to hear raps.
And pure relaxing, radio shows, before it all packed in, talking, laughing, brewing earl grey.
Put a smile on my face on the worst day.
In a blurred haze, sun blazed through the window.
Time seemed to stop and vinyl would spin slow.
As Dennis Brown would sing notes to our hearts content.
Why ain’t your heart content?
Ever since I met you, your presence is a refuge.
It hurts me to think that you need to be rescued.
Cause life is a journey that you just gotta get through.
And I get you.
Your whole aura is beautiful.
It’s crazy with you, like there’s nothing to prove to you,
you’re so true too, mind switches with the seconds.
You’re so grateful when others wouldn’t mention.

Stop, Stop,
Put it in perspective, life’s negative when you’re forgetting all the best bits.

Think, Think,
About your perspective, this cycle ain’t endless, take your hurt and neglect it.

(Verse 2)
Your friendship, means the world to me.
I can’t put into words what you’re worth to me.
It’s hurting me seeing you like this, like all of sudden you’re just so lifeless.
Then your face lights up and you’re back again.
Like your mask’s away and you’ve passed the pain.
You don’t have to expalin how you feel to me.
I see it in your eyes, it’s so real to me.
I didn’t mean to be distant.
I just couldn’t see you hurt from this distance.
With you, I listen and I hear wisdom.
So don’t be foolish cause life’s for living.
And it’s easy to say but blazing weed everyday has got you fading away.
And now I can’t see your rays.
Please shine like you used to.
You still do but you need a new rhythm to move to.


(Verse 3)
You’re so talented. Don’t let that fade.
No matter what you’re going through, don’t let that change.
Cause days… months… years are a progression.
A hundred versions and a million lessons.
So when heaven seems out of your grasp.
Focus on the future and let go of the past.
Cause back when we first spoke you were care-free.
Or was that all an act in order not to scare me?
I’d barely spent much time in your company.
Then suddenly I thought you were just up and cutting me.
You should’ve trusted me from back then.
I’d have been there when you seemed scared.
You and me’s rare or it was last year.
And I know men don’t cry – they hold back tears.
But so you know you’re a blessing in the past its clear.
Nobody else can match you or in fact come near.