Drew Imagination ~ Timeless

Music for the Evolution of Consciousness

This is for the sidewalk chalk, Jack and Jill beanstalk Kids on the block who rocked out to Pete Rock When they reminisce over what you came from take cynicism and make your paper High school nerd to paid six figures High school jock to destitute figure Quit kidding, you ain’t thug living cats be on your back like pussycat cushions Quit whining and change your whole game up Self pity to self motivation Chorus Put one in the air to ignite the mindless Two in the air for peace arising Three for the millions used to crisis Four for the journey of the poor and righteous Five to oblige this life so priceless Hands to the sky for the cause I might just take destiny and exchange surprises Make history, our words are timeless (2x) Writing manuscripts, modern day hieroglyphs Ancient wisdom has disdain for conglomerates Profit, money, get, more for the government Use the news to distract from discovering Who’s really running it, Super PAC’s to banking bizz victim of a hit of ignorance, soak it in Shorten bars to rip society’s standard list and so my bucket list is full of vigilante shit Let the soil spill, fertilize you through the mill Something like killing fields, shock and…