Desert Dwellers ~ New Generation

Music for the Evolution of Consciousness

We stand at the threshold of a great dawning
Something deep within life is changing
An era is ending
And at the very core of creation
Something new is being born
We are awakening from a long collective sleep
An in vitro dreaming deep within the womb of our Mother Earth
We are awakening…

A planetary birthing
Emerging from the amniotic fluid
A new species
A new man
A man of the stars
Birthing into a family of light

We are leaving behind old paradigms
Outdated modalities
And embracing ourselves as part of the whole
Fractal expressions of the unified field of consciousness

Waking with an open heart and naked eyes
To something so vast, on this planet
In this solar system
In this galaxy
Inside this universe
Countless universes and systems of worlds and dimensions
Intersecting and interpenetrating in a joyous experience of
This present moment

All things are possible
Dare to dream
Make your dreams come true and let yourself fly
Be whole, be conscious, be free
Let go and let life live you
Let life be the dancer
And simply become the dance…

The cycle of being separate is closing
There is a great step up in our evolution
Into multi-dimensional awareness
A new man will be born, Homo-Caelestis
One who can live in peace on the Earth
One capable of moving through many worlds and dimensions
One who seeks to share energy and creativity
In harmony and the spirit of cooperation
One who can transmit peace into other worlds
And other planes of existence