Awakening As One – Part 1: The Quickening (2011)


All around the planet, people are awakening to the reality that Humanity and the Earth are now entering a heightened phase of activity, on their inseparable journeys of growth and expansion. This acceleration is marked by the increasing intensity of global events and by the rising temperature of nearly every planet in our solar system; while here on Earth, Time, itself, seems to be speeding up, and chaos mounting, as phenomenal shifts occur in our physical and perceptual realities with increasing rapidity. The simplest explanation behind this sense of ‘speeding up’, is that our planet’s vibrational frequency is rising. This event, which many ancient cultures have prophetically termed “the quickening” has begun… and it is the greatest opportunity of our times.

“The Quickening” remains Awakening As One’s most watched video to date, with over a million views and still climbing. With a focus on Mayan and Hopi Prophecies, and their correlation with the work of Swedish researcher Carl Johan Caleman, “The Quickening” explores why many have been experiencing an acceleration of time and intensity in their daily existence; and how such an acceleration is caused by the influx of new higher vibrational frequencies that are coming from the center of our galaxy. “The Quickening” then explores how the earth’s movement into the higher frequencies of the inner core of these rays may then lead to humanity’s full realization of it’s oneness with all, and the possible dissolution of time itself.