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Was Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s Disease Caused By Aspartame In Diet Soda?


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The Controversial Role of Aspartame in Disease

Everyone knows Michael J Fox, the talented TV and movie actor along with the story of his Parkinsondisease. However, without proof, some researchers say it may be linked to long term use of the sweetener Aspartame. He has been the spokesperson of a diet drink and longtime drinker of this soda pop. The controversy continues.

Michael J. Fox’s Diet Pepsi Commercials From the 1980’s

Aspartame Research

Certain research indicates that Aspartame may be linked to many diseases, among them the possibility of brain diseases.. Some experts have made the connection to Parkinson and documented the issue in a public journal, stating that Aspartame results in the loss of dopamine. Parkinson Website denies the claim about Aspartame. presents both sides of the issue, so the jury is out on that question. One of the problems with this sweetener is excess use, as some people become addicts to soda pop. Others say moderate use should not present a problem.

Information from Physicians

Physicians and others wrote books about the damage that Aspartame can cause and produced videos, with support from a famous researcher, H.D.Roberts. He .says that the sweetener changes metabolism, causing weight gain and other problems. His work is supported by documented cases.

Role of FDA in Aspartame Approval

The FDA approved the sweetener Aspartame in the 1980’s following much controversy. In spite of all the concerns, it received approval due to political pressure from a prominent Federal employee. This employee allegedly received a large sum of money for orchestrating the approval of Aspartame. Since that time, citizens’ groups have continued to put pressure on the FDA to recall the sweetener and congressional hearings took place, all to no avail. Insufficient evidence caused the inaction.

Possible Role of Environmental Factors

Another theory exists about the disease. Michael Fox appeared in a situation comedy “Leo and Me” in the 1970’s, and three other employees from that show have Parkinson Disease. A theory exists that it may be from an environmental issue. Little information is available about the circumstances, and these patients continue to suffer. No cure exists for the disease and the actual cause remains a mystery, leaving it open to conjecture. Drugs exist for the treatment of the symptoms.

The Mystery of Aspartame and Parkinson

The role of Aspartame and other factors in this actor’s disease will probably remain a mystery. The cause of the disease in the three other employees from the situation comedy is still a question. Hopefully, someday the Aspartame role in disease may have a definitive answer, and the FDA can take final action on this sweetener. Congress and activist groups will continue the fight, according to these supporters.


This remains the sad story of a talented young man struck down by a disease in his 30’s. A cure for this disease would be a miracle for him and millions of others. His foundation might be the answer with its thousands of contributors. In the meantime, he maintains a competent staff, and some experts will continue to believe in the connection between Aspartame and Parkinson. At least. everyone involved has the interest of Michael J. Fox at heart, as progress takes place in the midst of controversy.

Disclaimer: No evidence exists that the disease of this actor was caused by Aspartame. This article is based on the writings of concerned experts in the field. Resources appear at conclusion of article

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