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Vortex Induced Vibrations: Ocean Currents Could Power The Entire Planet


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The massive oceanic surface currents that exist on Earth today are one of many unused reservoirs of energy that we could tap into. Their total output of energy has been estimated at approximately 280-trillion watt – hours. Ocean surface currents are considered an indirect form of solar energy because of their link to surface heating processes as well as the winds.

Scientists have developed a device that can harness energy from slow-moving rivers and ocean currents, which have the ability to power the entire planet. All that is required for the technology to work is a simple water way or sea bed. The technology can generate electricity in water flowing at a rate of less than one knot. The device is made up of cylinders that are positioned horizontal to the water flow. The cylinders create vorticies as the water flows past, which allow the cylinders to be pushed and pulled up and down. The energy this action creates can be converted to electricity. Cylinders arranged over a cubic metre of the sea or river bed in a flow of three knots can produce 51 watts. This is more efficient than similar-sized turbines or wave generators and the amount of power produced can increase extensively if the flow is faster or if more cylinders are added.

If we could harness 0.1 per cent of the energy in the ocean, we could support the energy needs of 15 billion people. In the English Channel, for example, there is a very strong current, so you produce a lot of power” – Michael Bernitsas, Professor of Naval Architecture at the University of Michigan

The system is called a vortex induced vibrations for aquatic clean energy (VIVACE).  It is modeled after the way fish swim through water, how they glide between the vorticies created by the bodies of other fish swimming ahead of them, they ride each others wake.

We have so many known alternative ways to generate energy without having to adjust our individual lifestyles in any way shape or form. Although the planet is calling for each human being to adjust themselves and make changes for the better, technologies like these could be implemented so easily but are not given the proper attention. With all of the alternative, cleaner and more harmonious technologies that can generate energy available today, we have to ask; why are we not using them? Other than replacing parts, which can be built to last a long time, this type of technology can never run out. It requires no external substance to keep it in power generating mode. Maybe the reason that clean, new and alternative technologies are not prevalent in society today  is because you can’t put a price tag on them as easily. The point is that these systems could be implemented worldwide with ease, and require nothing  (no substance) to go into it in order for it to generate sufficient output.

Billions live in poverty due to a lack of energy while we sit on known solutions. The problem is not the lack of energy, the problem is why there is a lack of energy. We know we have the required resources to eradicate poverty and have all living in abundance, but I guess we are not ready for that yet. The fact that we can do it means it should be done, and the fact that it’s not being done should cause you to raise an eyebrow, ask some questions and make connections.

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