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These Are The Signs You’re A Shaman & Don’t Know It


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The world is experiencing a shift in consciousness and you can sense you should be a participant in it. Everyone feels it happening, the shift we have been talking about for years now, but as a shaman you don’t only feel it, you want to be a major part of it, you want to lead it and help others evolve and transform.

You are far more sensitive than most people, you see, feel and hear things differently. Sometimes it’s difficult to cope in public situations and you feel as though you can feel the pain of people around you, like you can hear their thoughts. These people are often attracted to you, like a magnet, and you find yourself listening to total strangers as they unknowingly come to you for help.

You’ve suffered through something and survived, just like in many cultures where they knew who the shaman was because he or she lived through a fire or was struck by lightning and managed to stay alive. In your case it could be surviving a terrible violence, car accident or abuse.

You have spiritual powers that seem unusual, this is what yogis refer to as siddhis. Perhaps you experience psychic visions or you may be able to heal people with your intention, even over the telephone! If you have ever tried reiki on someone you may have had excellent results even if you have no experience or training.

Being in nature is home to you, you feel that the mountains or animals are talking to you, that you are the translator between the natural world and humans.

You want to help eradicate suffering and while you might not be a doctor, you feel as though you can help by healing in non-conventional ways. Be it healing of the earth, humans or animals, you want to help.

Your dreams are naturally lucid and vivid, as it may be the unseen world trying to communicate with you, you notice animal totems and other signs in your dreams that stand out. Looking up the meaning of your dreams will help you understand.

You feel out of place, like you don’t belong, this is why many traditional shamans like to stay on the outskirts of their villages. You need to understand that in today’s modern life you may not be able to get away, but that you are a crucial part of everything and that you have an essential role in it all.