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Responses To New Mandatory Vaccine Law Go Wild, Jim Carrey Calls Out “Government Fascism”


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Following the passing of mandatory vaccines for children in California, various public figures and activists, including Jim Carrey, took to social media to voice their thoughts around the new mandate. 

The bill, passed this Monday, removes all exemptions to vaccine requirements for school entry except those medically indicated.

Naturally, the bill has created significant and acrimonious opposition – including comparisons to Nazi Germany – and controversy that has surrounded the bill since its inception, inspired by the over-dramatized outbreak of measles that began at Disneyland last winter.

The law applies to students attending any public or private school in the state, so parents who choose not to vaccinate children for non-medical reasons would need to homeschool their children. The only other states with similar immunization policies that do not allow any non-medical exemptions are Mississippi and West Virginia.

Vaccinate California, a sponsor of the bill, had this to say about the new bill, “The elimination of the personal belief exemption will raise vaccination rates in our state, and protect our children and communities.”

But not all feel the same way towards the bill, here’s what Carrey had to comment on Twitter:



Carrey brings up a similar point that many pro-choice activists consistently boast, that it isn’t necessarily the vaccine that parents are concerned about, but rather it is the heavy metals, adjuvants, preservatives, etc., all of which have shown to have sensitivities in certain populations, that are cause for concern.

Hence the reason many believe that taking away our autonomy of vaccine choice is a form of fascism.

Actress Kristie Alley also shared her concerns around the new bill on Twitter:


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, a public figure at the head of the pro-choice movement, had some emotionally charged words to share on her Facebook page regarding the bill as well:


As Tenpenny points out, this recent passing signifies some potentially frightening things for the future of our freedom and health, the likes of which may be difficult for some to completely envision at this point in time. Ultimately, we can only hope that freedom of personal choice will prevail at the end of the day.

Stay tuned for more updates as they come.

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