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Artist Couple Builds A Cabin Out Of Recycled Windows For Just $500!


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Have you ever felt the need to just get away from it all, pack it up and start afresh somewhere remote in the mountains? That’s exactly what photographer Nick Olson and designer Lilah Horwitz decided to do in 2012.

The couple quit their jobs and moved into a tent in the mountains of West Virginia where they lived on a diet of rice and beans as they built their own enchanting retreat using recycled windows, repurposed wood, and other materials that cost a total of $500.

The two artists salvaged most of their materials from a nearby abandoned barn, and with a few months of hard work and resourcefulness, they completed the construction of their beautiful and simple off-the-grid home. The entire front of the cabin is made from old recycled windows that let in plenty of light and give the room within an airy feel.



The duo are back on the workforce and currently live in nearby Milwaukee, but they still come to the cabin a few times a year to escape the hubbub of modern life. The cabin doesn’t have electricity or plumbing, but it’s a great place to experience the “oneness” of nature and just get away from it all.


For their full story, check out the video below!