Our Community Description and Mission Statement


We are a community of artists and musicians, activists and healers, practitioners and seekers dedicated to contributing everything we possibly can to the massive shift in consciousness that is presently taking place on planet Earth. Our main focus is to raise awareness in regards to certain psychological, sociological and spiritual truths we have come to realize, ones we have experienced for ourselves throughout our personal lives and practice, but also to share what we as a community consider to be politically, socially and environmentally conscious artwork, music, movies, documentaries, books, poetry, quotes, videos and online articles. We also sometimes post recent scientific, technological and medical breakthroughs and discoveries, high level photography that inspires us, and funnies from time to time to keep it light.

At the root level, beyond the basic necessities for life, we believe that every sentient being simply desires two things: Happiness and Freedom. Though we recognize that in order to fully liberate ourselves, we must first teach others how to liberate themselves, for until we do, whether we like it or not, that tethered, polarized mass of people is our slavery. The same rule applies for happiness. Our emotions, and our overall levels of spiritual consciousness or unconsciousness, are contagious. Again, whether we like it or not. And so it is important for us to view the physical, mental and emotional health of other people, especially those in our immediate lives, our personal responsibility and concern. What we strongly believe here at ॐ Collectively Conscious ॐ is that the truth, in its many forms, can truly set a person free, helping to release them from the chains of conventional thinking and empowering them to think and act for themselves. And so that is what we try our very best to provide.

Keep in mind this is an open forum and that we value each and every individual opinion. We are aware of the fact that our personal opinions and beliefs are subjective and therefore recognize that we are not in sole possession of the truth. We believe that the truth is divided among us, like pieces to a puzzle, and that only when we come together, in communion, are we able to reveal it and understand it. And so we encourage our community members to please share with us anything that you believe supports the cause, including life experience, insight, logic, even your initial gut reaction to what is being presented. Every contribution makes a difference. Lastly, if something we post does not sound or “feel” truthful to you, or if you know for a fact that it is false, let us know via the message system. We will research the topic further. If we find scientific data which supports its falsity, or if we find that there is a lack of scientific data to support its veracity, we will have it removed. We thank you all for your support, and for your participation! And only ask that you please, share all that you can with whomever you can ♥